Almost now if the GOLD almost arrives but it vanishes.

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August 8, 2022 by palombo17

Almost, now if almost, the GOLD arrives but it vanished. Let’s start from the dream, the decision, the daring to fail to be able to fly, because even if you have wings if you do not extend them, you will never be able to fly. But if you extend them you could fall.

2019 we finish one of the most incredible processes that a Macabiah can allow you, to play it at home. From there I began to decide what to do next. It was time to face myself, decide to embark on the journey so I could learn to do what I love most in the world. With the surprise that Cesar was going to be the coach of the open I started the process in a more relaxed way, I already knew him, he already knew me and finally he would have a softball pitching coach.

The dream lasted only five weeks, my friend, mentor, and coach Cesar passed away and left in me a huge hole that I had a hard time thinking about how to fill.

But I am not one of those who give up easily and, in this way, began one of the most incredible paths I have lived in the sport.

Learn to pitch.

Carlos always willing to go to catch where required, Chapultepec, my parents’ house, Royal, etc.; a coach from the USA who preferred to give me 15 zoom calls  than to continue receiving messages with videos from me, Allan D always attentive, always pushing, the advice of the Goat (El Chivo) and the Doctor and the patience of the Bird (El Pajaro) were a fundamental part to go from floating a ball, to pitch in 2nd with a team, to win our 2nd game pitching and until achieving a Shutout in the league.

The double Macabiah, complex decision. Two teams one goal and I accepted the challenge.

The moment of truth arrived, the “Invitational Doc “; Two teams, four days being non-stop competing to understand a little bit what was coming in two months. Tremendous game of 1 run with master, luxury relay with master, open with the open and be ready with the master. The championship came for one and fourth place with the other and the preparation seemed to be on the right track.

It was then that it was time to travel and equipped with a ONEPICE we started the trip to the airport to meet a princess, a unicorn, and a chewing gum paying for the first Cuba Libre for good luck.

First workout, jogging a little, a few rolls, peper and a little bullpen to know that the ball moves incredible in the holy land. Second bullpen session, the ball is controlled and superb, nothing can go wrong, the park of the University of Jerusalem is ideal for training softball although no one else can believe it.

Now we were in the Gezer field, the stage of our final, the place where all the dreams were going to be consecrated, where we were going to achieve the change of name, change the idea that we have of the soft and the change of mentality in all of us. Amazing first practice on the field, flies, Grounders, a good bullpen session, a little batting and everything felt ideal for the two weeks when we were going to change everything.

Faster than we imagined, it was already Wednesday, July 13. Day of our debut against USA, very hard game, very disputed and with great moments for both sides, a match that we managed to win by a score of 11-5 with a great pitching of the Doctor and an intelligent offense. First decision of the Macabiah, the hardest thing I had to decide, but I certainly knew it was the right thing to do (time proved me right). The first step was taken.

Inauguration masterfully organized with Hockey game included.

On July 15 we faced Canada with a jewel of chivo and timely offensive in the sixth. We took our second victory by slate of 4-0 and marked the second powerhouse we won in two days. My debut came running and playing the 1B.

July 17, because it could not be another day my debut as a pitcher in a Macabiah, against a team from Israel that looked quite powerful, we went up 2-0 and so I managed to keep them until the 4th inning with my picheos falling wonderfully. In the 4th two bases per ball, the famous killers’ pitchers, they got me into a problem that I did not know how to get out of; a change that stayed put us down 3-2, a blow from which we could not recover. The ball smiled at the Israelis when they took away the tie with a blow to Penhas with the hit of Salame and from there everything went into a tailspin. Tough 9-2 defeat to sour the debut.

Defeat against Canada in master with a NO/NO from our pitcher that was the notice of the type of tournament we were going to play. To hear about the tremendous 6-0 victory of the open team against France and their tremendous pitcher Guido.

July 18 bitter opening against Israel in the master full of errors, bases and a  9-2 loss that complicated things a lot. Opening against Cuba and my first win, we won 11-4 and the dream continued. The feeling of winning a game in the Macabiah is something magical.

July 19, the moment of truth arrived, beating the United States in the second game put us with a foot and a half in the final. With a gem of Dabbah we won the game 2-0 in which I had to cover first base for four innings and take a turn where I looked worse than ever, but enjoyed it like no other. Painful defeat against USA master 4-3 that left us almost eliminated.

July 20 I found out it was probably too much for me. After a very painful defeat against Israel in the master, which officially eliminated us, traveling an hour by car, having a relay of an entry in the victory against Israel in the open, which put us ONE victory away from the final, disaster came. Endless opening against France, eight runs in the 3rd inning, total debacle that left us out of that game. Physically I couldn’t stand, mentally I couldn’t stand. But they say that you learn from defeats and after a night of many tears, I understood many things.

July 21 loss against Canada where I played 1B for a while. First 2-1 win against Canada with the master.

July 22 win against Cuba with my only RBI of the tournament with a sacrifice fly and scoring, running through Salame and we were in the final. The name change was more real than ever, I was ready for that moment of eternal joy.

July 24 the day was given splendidly for an endless celebration. We wore a green cap, white camisole, red pants, and tricolor socks.

Eduardo’s double, Schejtman’s HR and the dream was starting. 7-0 and the dream seemed like it would be ideal, we were so close. But the 4th inning came and everything fell apart. 9 unexpected runs killed the illusion. We had to settle for a silver medal that tasted more bitter than expected.

It was a memorable Macabiah , incredible and many dreams were fulfilled.

But I undoubtedly stay with the following:

Salame’s leadership, his hits and plays in the most difficult moments and that way of knowing how to enjoy the games.

The arm and the opposite band of FAU, every time they steal from you is out with a check to the bearer and WHAT IS THERE.

The power of Carrillo and knowing that he will always sing the balls and strikes in his at bats.

The 2 hits of Edid vs USA and his catch on a fly that kept us in game 1 vs USA.

Jorge’s running intelligence in the important moments from 2nd to Home with a touch of ball.

Eduardo’s double to start the final and always be able to continue dreaming, COME ON.

Haber’s play in the touch in the game against Canada and his disrespectful lines throughout the Macaubiah.

Schejtman’s 2 HR in the final and his shot to maintain the lead against USA.

To the Loco as a teamate, a pleasure impossible to explain to those who have not had it. His one-second beats to the fence and the “uy” against Kfir’s change.

Cherno’s Japanese bunt and knowing that the RF was a dead zone for opposing hitters.

The hit in the final, the composure and the balls of my boy Ale with whom I hope to share many more Macabiah , PALO.

The shoutout of the Goat (El Chivo) to Canada with its impressive sinker one of the best pitches of the Macabiah; some say unhittable.

The shoutout of the Doctor to the United States, one of the best matches I have seen live, know that you can always continue to enjoy this game and his dances in the truck.

The impossible signs of the Bird (El Pajaro) and his confidence to let me open 3 games in my first Macabiah.

The way MAP call’s a game.

Zap’s double against Canada to make it 2-0.

The triple of the Chewing Gum (El chicle) that did not count, but will stay in my heart as if they were.

The 10 commandments and dances of FUX.

The balls, and plays against Israel of Saade’s .

Jimmy’s champion turn against Canada and his endless smiles.

Ches’ batting title and flight to save a double against Israel.

Betech’s hit against Canada that gave us the illusion.

Zahi’s desire.

Garzon’s different pants.

I wouldn’t have enough words or letters to write with everything I’d have left of LUGO. The King.

Alan’s no-hitter, his endless risers and his advice that give me the illusion of improving every day.

Dantus’ leadership and trust. An oak tree.

Our tremendous Fans that never stopped and we always felt sheltered by them, thank you very much.

May our dance be so beautiful that it is the video they show in the closing. The responsibility of continuing to be such an incredible team heading to all the Macabiah.

But above all, I am left knowing that it only took me a day to know that I was going to start training again, because this one vanished, but we already know that we can, and we are going to go back to back but now GOLD.


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